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Tidbits, Brazil Reindustrialization , Broilers & Ethanol, Markets & Rain Days Update 1/25/24


China reduced the required cash reserve of deposits for the nation’s banks, which allows the banks to loan a higher percentage of their deposits. This action makes more money available for businesses and consumers which will stimulate the economy and increase demand for just about everything. This move is projected to inject about $140 billion of cash into the economy.


The Suez Canal and Red Sea area of conflict gets more dangerous every day.   


Yesterday, the largest NATO exercise since the Cold War (33 years) began as some 90,000 troops from the United States and fellow NATO allied nations are due to join the Steadfast Defender 2024 drills that will run through May. The drills will rehearse NATO's execution of its regional plans, the first defense plans the alliance has drawn up in decades, detailing how it would respond to a Russian attack. With more than 50 military ships and all the supporting equipment and weapons, a lot can go wrong in 3+ month military intimidation exercise.

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