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Upgrade Your Market Knowledge

Choose the Wright on the Market Subscription Plan

Market facts & figures are unlimited. Roger has learned what is truly important. He will send you via a brief email the fundamental, technical and seasonal facts so you can make informed marketing decisions.


Every week, Roger and his team will detail the reasons why you should or should not price your corn, wheat and beans.


You will receive a summary of each week's market action and a thought-provoking "What you should have noticed" about each week's summary.

Email Service

You can start a Trial for 30 days free

  • Daily Reports Trial

    Grain market daily reports free trial for a month
    Valid for one month
    • Every aspect of our main subscription for 30 days
    • Limited offer - one time for a person

Or get a regular subscription with us

  • Best Value

    Daily Reports 12M

    Every year
    Annual grain market daily newsletter
    • Save $220 a year
    • Access to knowledge about how the grain market works
    • Facts of fundamental, technical & seasonal information
    • Marketing recommendations
    • Reports in audio format
    • You can choose the date when your plan starts
    • Early morning 7 days a week (5 am EST)
  • Daily Reports 1M

    Every month
    Grain market daily reports for 1 month
    • Access to knowledge about how the grain market works
    • Facts of fundamental, technical & seasonal information
    • Marketing recommendations
    • Audio format
    • Early morning 7 days a week (5 am EST)
If you're new here, try our Daily Reports for 30 days free with a Trial subscription!

One time for a person. We may call you only to check that you're getting emails.

Thanks for subscribing!

Full Service

Our Full service program includes the email program described above plus a marketing plan designed specifically for your operation and unlimited one-an-one communication.

No one associated with Wright on the Market is a cash grain merchant nor a commodity futures broker and no requirement to be registered with the CFTC. Our only purpose is to help farmers make more profit through better marketing each year so our clients will renew for another year. Our job is to get your grain sold on as strong a basis as possible. A futures broker job is to generate commission, which is paid by you. None of those folks’ job description includes educating farmers about grain marketing or how to use the many marketing tools to reduce risk and increase profit. That is our job.

We keep you informed of the important market facts to enable you to make informed marketing decisions.

The more we know about your operation, the more customized market recommendations will be.

Our goal is to take our clients out of the marketing "maze" and put them on "clear marketing path" so they know why prices are where they are now, what the market is likely to do (also why) and what we think we expect the market to do so you can make your own informed marketing decisions.

We will recommend the best marketing tool for the marketing opportunity customized to your cash flow needs and goals while managing the risk. Your emotional comfort as well as that of your spouse is our third priority after marketing for more profit and risk management.

We have found there are two groups of people who want our full service:

  • Folks who want to learn how the grain market works, how and when to use the many marketing tools

  • Folks who want a recommendation or that little nudge when they should sell, set basis, roll HTA, etc.

All clients receive the email service which provides the significant up-to-date market information in "farmer talk" short and direct to the point to enable them to make informed marketing decisions. And they want it short and direct.

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About The Full Service

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