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The Wright on the Market Group is devoted to helping farmers navigate the ever-changing world of business in farming.

Founded by Roger Wright, he and his team of analysts are committed to educating clients through well written articles, emails, and timely conversations to drive ongoing success.

Meet Roger Wright

Roger Wright serves as a grain marketing consultant with keen insights into the business side of farming. Roger was raised on a dairy and hog farm in West Central Ohio. Roger is an expert with a wealth of knowledge in the grain industry. He is committed to helping farmers succeed through his first-hand experience and compelling articles that look at every aspect of the grain market.

Roger’s greatest value is his ability to communicate his knowledge of grain marketing to those who want to learn.

His first concern is his clients making money; his second priority is the peace of mind of his clients as they expand their grain marketing comfort zone.

Available seven days a week, Roger is always willing to hear from farmers seeking to strengthen their industry knowledge. Contact Roger and his team via this website or at (937) 605-1061 or for grain market consultation.

What Roger Has Learned

The market does not care what your breakeven price is.

The USDA makes mistakes and probably lies to us, but the market will always use USDA numbers as the benchmark.

If it is July and it is raining in Iowa, nothing else matters to the corn and soybean markets.

The US corn crop is made in July, the US soybean crop is made in August, Brazil’s soybean crop is made in January, and Russia’s wheat crop is made in June. From the supply side, not much else matters.

If you sell at price targets, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Political decisions are more unpredictable and potentially more devastating than the weather.

In a supply-and-demand market, over the long run, the average price paid will equal the average cost of production.

The best cure for way-below breakeven prices is low prices; production is reduced and consumption is increased. Likewise, the best cure for way-above breakeven prices is high prices; production is increased and consumption is decreased.

Sell when everyone wants to buy. Buy when everyone wants to sell.

If a farmer just closed his eyes and sold all his corn the third week in June and all his beans the second week in July if prices are above breakeven, he would probably be the best marketer year-in and year-out.

The markets usually go down much faster than they go up; that is why put options generally make more money than call options.

It is a lot easier to pick a futures price near the low for the year than a price near the high for the year. That is another reason put options generally make more money than call options.

No one likes to make a marketing decision because he knows, at best, he will probably be right for only a few days.

Technical analysis is how the market communicates to us what it thinks the carryover will be and it is always correct.

Anything a call option can do, a futures spread position can do more profitably. 

You will be surprised what your grain merchandiser will do for you if you just ask.

You would also be surprised what you do not know your grain merchandiser does to you.

Nothing is 100% in this business; if it was, we all would be rich. 

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Meet The Wright Team


Brian Burnell

Brian farms near Danville, Indiana. He has been a student of grain
marketing since his teenage years. As a very young man, Brian added
technical analysis to his fundamental knowledge. The more Brian learned, the more he realized how little he knew about grain marketing.

Seeing the need for grain market education and information, he began the Facebook Grain Market Discussion Group the last day of December in 2016, the purpose of the group:

  • A place for producers, users, and traders to discuss Grain Commodity;

  • Markets, trends, and futures;

  • Ask questions to learn and answer questions to help educate folks.

The group now has more than 32,000 members.


Nikolay Zhdanov

Nick is our content & development manager.

He is a highly skilled mathematician and analyst, who began learning about grain marketing in 2020. Fundamental and technical analysis are both mostly about numbers, indexes, ratios, cycles, etc, so Nick's math skills are a natural fit for market analysis.

Brian, Nick and Eugene are the next generation of Wright on the Market.


Eugene Kuznetsov

Eugene is an IT engineer.

He holds a Master's degree in Information Technology and has experience in Computer Technology, Web Development, Internet Marketing and Business Administration.

A fan of statistics, numbers, stock exchange and math, which is good for the market analysis.

Eugene built this website and also helps with market analysis.


Olga Wright

Olga Wright has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a
speciality of Inland Waterway Navigation and Infrastructure. Before
beginning her work in grain marketing six years ago, she worked as a real estate investment broker. She and Roger share admin duties of
Wright on the Market. Her speciality is technical analysis and research.


Lance Donlon

Lance and his wife Amanda, along with their children, farm and operate Donlon Enterprises near Monona in Clayton County, NE Iowa which borders the Mississippi River.

Lance explains:

Since childhood I have enjoyed fixing equipment. When I reached high school, I wanted to start farming and my mechanical skill set would be valuable for my farm. I attended the NICC Ag Tech Program, which allowed me to compete in state and national competitions. I graduated at the top of the class.

Repairing equipment offered me financial stability while farming, but the evolving higher risk of growing, owning and selling grain proved I needed different marketing concepts.

I have found a passion for explaining and understanding marketing tools and strategies. I want to share my passion to help you better understand how to use the many grain marketing tools to reduce the risks of marketing grain.



Ivan is our Security Chief.

He has four years of experience with an excellent record.
His grandparents were security experts in Germany and Hungary.
He inherited their unique skills.

His favorite hobby is singing with Olga.

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