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Avian Flu, Fertilizers, SA Crops & Grain Trade, Markets & Rain Days Update 03/24/2022

John Deere will sell machine-servicing software to farmers and mechanic shops beginning in May.


More than 10 million egg-laying hens have died from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) across the country the past three weeks, including 13% of laying hens in Iowa, the #1 egg-producing state in the nation. That is a lot of corn and bean meal not going to get fed this spring, Folks.

South Dakota reported its first case of Avian flu with 85,000 birds gone. Nebraska says 570,000 birds infected to date.

The lean hog futures were smartly higher yesterday as the market fears European producers will liquidate some breeding livestock due to high feed prices because of the Russia/Ukraine war.


May Canola futures hit an all-time high for spot price: up 2½ times its price of 2 years ago. Canola is an oilseed.

Egypt bought 80,000 mt of soyoil this week and paid 14% more than they paid in February for sunflower oil. Egypt bought the soyoil because the sunflower oil lowest price offered was 43% higher than they paid last month. Ukraine is the world’s leading producer & exporter of sunflower oil.

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