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Highlights, Pro Farmer Tour, Export Inspections, Markets & Rain Days Update 8/23/22


Pro Farmer Tour Comments

Sarah Jungman, Commodity Broker:

22 stops kept us on the go. Best field sample was irrigated 238 bpa (only field from Sioux Falls, SD to Grand Island, NE over 200 bushels). Best looking Nebraska dry land corn sample 138 bushels. Lowest yield of the day 17 bpa.

Karen Braun, Ag Reporter, Reuters News Service:

South Dakota corn yields averaged 118.45 bu/acre, 33 bushels less than 2021 and easily the tour's worst since 2012 (which was WAY worse at 74.3). Pod counts for soybeans a 3-yr low at 871.4 in a 3x3' plot. Last year’s pod count was 996.8. Tour pods in 2012 were 585.

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