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Tidbits, Weather Impact on Prices, Corn Highs & Lows 6/12/24


Question from from Travis:

As we move forward with this current crop having very good crop ratings… when would you suggest we get rid of old crop?


It seems to me nothing moves the market higher, but we can always go lower. I guess I do not understand the big swings in markets from day to day. It makes no sense to me they can find a way to go lower, but struggle immensely to sustain higher prices??


Is there going to be any sort of weather scare to move it? I fear the markets have now factored in our ability to grow a crop with timely rains and not just rain in general.


Also do we wait on new crop sales?  Thank you.


Roger's answer:


Good morning, Travis,


Normal weather includes a weather scare. There have been 3 years since 1980 that did not have a serious weather scare. The way the world weather has been in recent months and the way the weather forecasts are shaping up, I expect we will have a serious weather scare by this time next week. There is no weather premium built into current prices, which is very unusual for this time of year.  

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