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Tidbits, Marketing Tools - Puts vs HTA, Fertilizers Prices, Cocoa 3/20/24


The Director of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service says France is preparing to deploy 2,000 troops to Ukraine to help fight Russia. France’s President Macron, earlier this month, suggested NATO troops could support Kyiv forces. He has not ruled out the suggestion of French infantry intervention.


The Financial Times reports that the EU is set to place a 95 euro per mt tariff on grain imports from Russia and Belarus. EU imports of Russian grain hit a record 4 mil mts in 2023 as the EU poured millions of euros into Ukraine to kill Russians. What is wrong with this picture?  


Soil moisture shortages are starting to develop for a wide area of the Black Sea region (Southwestern Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania) while France has been and will continue to be too wet.


Ukraine shipped 894,000 mts of grain through the Romanian port of Constanta in February, bringing their 2024 total at Constanta to 1.33 mil mts.

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