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Tidbits, Export Inspections, Markets & Rain Days Update 1/3/24


Dr. Michael Cordonnier reduced his Brazilian soybean production by 2 mil mts to 151 million.


StoneX cut its estimate for Brazil's soybean crop to 152.8 mil mts, down from its previous estimate of 161.9 mil. mts and corn was reduced 1.4 mil. mts to 124.6 mil mts.


Agronomic firm, Pine Agronegócios, reported yesterday:

"Harvest of soja in Campo Verde/Mato Grosso an area of 300 ha (741 acres) with a yield of ~20 sacs/ha. (17.81 bu per acre). The region is one of the most affected by drought and high temperatures and, like all areas with planting at the beginning of September, yields are terrible. However, areas that were sown later received a slightly better rainfall and should present higher productivity.


In total, we estimate that ~20% of the areas in MT were sown in this window, which turned out to be terrible, already considering replanting and migration to other crops."


Soybean Trader Eduardo Vannin yesterday afternoon:

"The soybean harvest in Mato Grosso is bringing to light a very poor condition of the early fields and a very wide variability of yields from 27 to 49 b/a. The harvest in Lucas do Rio Verde is 7.3% complete with average yield of 30.7 sacks per hectare, 27.4 b/a."

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