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Tidbits, Audio, Export Sales, Markets & Rain Days Update 5/5/23

Brian Burnell suggested that July calls, which Roger recommended yesterday to buy, may not have enough life to catch the big move up. Brian is correct. Roger was thinking like a trader. We know markets do not go up every day nor do they go down every day (it just seems like they go down every day). If you already own a July call, you need to be looking for a very strong rally in the coming seven weeks and sell those July calls, wait for the futures price to correct lower and buy September calls.

Those of you who are used to “trading” and will watch the markets, buying July calls is preferable because they cost less than September call option because of the shorter maturity (life). It is reasonable that there will be more than one very nice profit taking opportunity before June 23rd, the day July options expire.

Brian is correct, the big rally most likely will be in July or August. September options expire August 25th. If you do not have a trader mentality or are too busy to make objective buy and sell decisions in the next seven weeks, buy September calls.

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