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Russia-Ukraine Update 02/27/2022

Russian and USA news sources are reporting Ukraine has agreed to send a negotiation team to Belarus to meet with the Russian delegation. USA sources say the Ukrainian team said they will not enter Belarus because of the fear of being kidnapped, but will go to the border.

None-the-less, it indicates the war is not going so well for Ukraine.

Russian and USA news reports Putin has placed Russia's nuclear forces on "high alert".


I reported to you the daily trade limit for CBOT and KC wheat was $1.50 for Monday. I misread the numbers: the daily limit for spreads is $1.50, but the net long or net short position is 75 cents Monday.

Check it out:


Glib Briia is a family friend living in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 23 miles from Russia. He sent this just after midnight Sunday Ukraine time:

Hi Roger, we are in Kharkiv, mom is in Kherson. The battle is happening outside of the city but they are bombing residential areas as well. It's quite in Kherson. Been to the shop today got some food, long queues and empty shelves, still some left. Went to find some water and to drug store but had to returned as they've started bombing. Will try tomorrow.

Overall it's better than in some other regions of the country. From how it stands now it could be that Ukraine will start counterattack until Putin can't resist. But realistically, we hope that we can press hard enough and Russians in Russia will press from their side so he starts negotiation on our terms.


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