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Russia-Ukraine, BC Vote, Markets & Rain Days Update 04/11/2022


There were 7 natural gas or crude oil drilling rigs and 4 shale fracking rigs added last week in the USA. There are now 670 natural gas or crude oil rigs and 270 fracking rigs drilling in the USA as of last week.


USA national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday the USA is committed to providing Ukraine with “the weapons it needs” to defend itself against Russia, as Ukraine seeks more military aid from the West. Speaking later Sunday on “Meet the Press", Sullivan said the USA was “working around the clock to deliver our own weapons... and organizing and coordinating the delivery of weapons from many other countries.”

Russia’s Finance Minister said today Russia will take legal action if the West tries to force it to default on its sovereign debt.

"Of course we will sue, because we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that investors receive their payments," Siluanov told the newspaper in an interview.

Russia faces its first sovereign external default in more than a century after it made arrangements to make an international bond repayment in rubles, even though the payment was due in US dollars.

Europe has imported and paid Russia 37 billion euros for mostly oil & natural gas during the 40 days of the war while giving Ukraine weapons and money to fight Russia.


Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) has added a specialty mill in Valley City, North Dakota and another in Watertown, South Dakota.

The Valley City mill will process a range of gluten-free pulses, ancient grains and seeds into custom-milled, consumer-ready flours. The mill in Watertown offers cereal grain ingredients, including whole, finely milled and blended. The facility processes such cereal grains as wheat, rye, barley and sorghum.

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