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Tidbits, Wheat, Export Sales, Markets & Rain Days Update 5/19/23


Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Russia will not extend the Ukraine grain deal after July 17 if all problematic issues are not resolved.

The Wheat Quality Council’s HRW wheat tour’s final yield estimate for Kansas was 30 bushels per acre for a total production of 178 million bushels (USDA 191.4). That would be Kansas’ smallest crop since 1957 and implies an abandonment rate of 26.75%.

Nationwide, 46% of the winter wheat production is in drought conditions this week, which is down 2% from last week.

A client in East Central North Dakota has received 4.83 inches (12¼ cm) of rain so far this month and that was after 5 feet of snow melted. USDA said on Monday that 5% of the 3.75 million acres of corn and 20% of the 5.2 million acres of spring wheat were planted in ND. With the February corn revenue insurance set at $5.91 and final planting date 6 days out for most of North Dakota, prevent plant corn is starting to look more attractive every day. North Dakota farmers put 1.2 million corn acres into prevent plant last year; corn planted acres in 2022 were 2.95 million; 2021 corn planted acres were 4.1 million.

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