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Tidbits, South America, Export Inspections, Markets & Rain Days Update 12/5/23


Benson-Quinn analysts reported yesterday morning:

"North and Central Brazil caught 60% of the region. More scattered activity expected today. Then dry until next weekend. Feels like this region is turning the corner. Expect more rains in S Brazil (where it has been very wet the past two months), but it also sounds like some planting progress is being made."

And this yesterday afternoon:

"USA weekly corn export inspections (yesterday) were best since June at 1.16 MMT with 274,556 MT going to China. Inspections were unseasonably strong with 5-year average for the period only 732,702 MT. Total inspections to date are 8.4 MMT, 26.7% increase to same period last year. USDA estimates 23/24 year-on-year exports to increase by 25% to 2,075 million bushels.

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