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Tidbits, Funds Positions, Markets & Rain Days Update 12/27/22

The CBOT will begin trading this morning at 8:30 AM Central Time. Crude oil traded a buck forty higher an hour after opening last evening.



Yesterday, a drone launched by Ukraine hit the main base for Moscow's strategic bombers hundreds of miles deep into Russia, who said it had shot the drone down causing it to crash at the Engels Air Base. The base is the main airfield for the bombers that was used to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure. Three Russian service members were killed as a result of Ukraine’s attack.

Beijing and Shanghai citizens went back to work yesterday as China's two biggest cities edged closer to living with COVID-19 as medical workers scrambled to cope with millions of cases. China’s official news agency reported, "Our country's new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control is facing new situations and new tasks.”

Non-government personnel report the virus is spreading largely unchecked across the country. The official news from China’s government report there have been no COVID deaths reported for the six days ending Sunday.

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