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Tidbits, Corn Price Outlook, Cattle, Fertilizers, Markets & Rain Days Update 7/22/23


Russia attacked the two primary grain terminals of Ukraine for the fourth night in a row. The governor of Odessa said that two people were killed, 100 tons of dried peas and 20 tons of barley were destroyed.

White House National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby told reporters that Russia is currently placing sea mines at the entrances to Ukrainian ports and targeting civilian ships carrying food to and from the region.

There are rumors that truckers in Brazil are in the early stages of organizing a strike. That would stop the movement of corn and beans to the ports.

Forecast highs next week for Missouri 111°F (43°C) and Southern Iowa 105°F.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts August through September will be above normal rainfall and below normal temperatures for the Corn Belt, which is typical El Niño weather and we are in an El Niño episode.

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