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Tidbits, Brazil Soybeans, Markets & Rain Days Update 11/24/23

Brazil Crops Comments

Kory Melby is a former Minnesota farmer who immigrated to Brazil about 23 years ago and became a consultant for everything related to agriculture. Roger first met Kory in February 2003 and has come to respect his judgment and thoughts. Kory eats and sleeps Brazilian agriculture and world soybean and corn markets. His market letter this week included these comments:


"Brazil has many problems. Late planting, re-plant, out of synch maturities, and too much rain in Parana and RGDS will impede their potentials also- Asian rust is exploding.


We need 40 days of rain in the north and 40 days of Sun in the south. Is that in the forecast? No.


In the Cerrado, we should be getting 10-12 inches per month during November, December, and January. 1800 mm or 70 inches of rain is common. In some spots in Mato Grosso, they have only received 8 inches since late August. Those late August rains really suckered a few in. We have never seen the wet season start so early with 3-4 inches arriving before Sept 15, the legal soybean planting date.

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