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Tidbits, Brazil, PMI, Crop Comment, Markets & Rain Days Update 10/2/23


Rain has fallen the past three days in the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Goias and the Brazilian National Weather Service (Inmet) is forecasting more chances of rain over the next few days with amounts of 0.8 to 1.2 inches (20 to 30 mm) with the possibility of high winds and hail. Rainfall amounts and coverage should increase in central Brazil starting the second week of October. After 90 days without any significant precipitation, coverage was spotty and amounts were irregular. Recent high temperatures in the range of 105 to 110°F made the need for rainfall even more urgent.

24/7AG reports weather forecasts appear to be less than optimal for Brazil plantings to get going, while other forecasts suggest better. All agree way too much rainfall will continue for Southern Brazil (state of Rio Grande do Sul), damaging the quality of their wheat crop and delaying planting of corn and beans.

The war is escalating. To wit: Russia said it intercepted five U.S. made HIMARS shells, an air-launched JDAM bomb and 37 Ukrainian drones over Ukrainian territory late Saturday to early Sunday and shot down six Ukrainian drones over Russian regions and two Ukrainian missiles over Crimea.

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