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Tidbits and Highlights, Broilers & Ethanol, Markets & Rain Days Update 10/14/22


"Roger, some yield info for you. These numbers should cover a large area of at least southern and eastern Nebr., yields west are worse yet. I’ll just give you our data as I know its accurate.

Dryland beans mostly 25-30, a couple fields touched 40 that were planted into wheat stubble. I have heard of a lot of beans in the teens, we no-till so that helps our yields.

Irrigated beans 65-72, should be 72-85+.

Dryland corn, first field- 78. Last year just across the road the yield was 248, yes that was dryland. I have heard of some 115-120 dryland corn.

Haven’t got into the irrigated corn yet but I hear yields are down from last year also.

Winter wheat harvest had yields in the 30’s. Wheat planted now looks great, just enough rain the past 6 weeks to get it going. More later."

Thanks, Shawn.

Thanks to Chet in South Dakota:

"It’s so dry in our part of SD that the corn coming out of the field is 11% moisture and the ears are falling off the stalks with just a little breeze. And harvest losses are getting bigger by the day."


Our daily emails talk about “tidbits” and “highlights” and they are pretty much mixed together.

A “tidbit” is a piece of market news that, by itself, is not important for market action. But dozens of tidbits with a high percentage of them bullish or bearish, over an extended period of time, will move the market slowly but surely toward a technical breakout, such as a trend trend change.

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