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Highlights, Russia-Ukraine, Markets & Rain Days Update 8/22/22


Five Russian Kalibr cruise missiles were fired Saturday night from ships in the Black Sea. Two were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses while three hit agricultural targets, but there were no casualties. Russia said on Sunday the missiles had destroyed an ammunition depot containing missiles for U.S. made HIMARS rockets, while Ukrainian officials said a granary had been hit.

Ukrainian officials also reported the city of Nikopol, which lies across the Dnipro River from Europe’s largest nuclear plant, was shelled on five different occasions overnight Saturday to Sunday. They say 25 artillery shells hit the city, causing a large fire at an industrial premises and cutting power to 3,000 inhabitants.

Russia accuses Ukraine of shelling the city of Energodar and the territory of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and attempting to cause a man-made disaster. At the moment, Energodar and the power plant are under Russian control. Has Russia really taken control of a nuclear power plant in order to bombard it itself? Why would Russia set up a nuclear disaster on invaded territories? It is known that Russia invites IAEA experts to the ZNPP to conduct an investigation, but the experts are in no hurry to come.

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