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Highlights, Corn-Soybeans Ratio, Russian Wheat, Markets & Rain Days Update 6/29/22


After this Friday’s close, the agriculture futures will be closed until 8:30 AM Central Tuesday.

Today is the day your July basis and long July futures need to be cashed out or rolled to avoid any chance of being assigned a cash grain delivery on a long July futures contracts.

Holland’s government closed dozens of farms and cattle ranches to reduce nitrogen by 30%. Angry farmers block the nation “everywhere.” Soon hungry consumers will join the farmers.



The Tech Guy stated that on the close yesterday, corn/soybean ratio was 2.55 to 1. That means it took 2.55 bushels of corn to equal the value of one bushel of soybeans. After the USDA said on March 31st that farmers intended to plant several million more acres of beans than corn, the corn/soybean ration got to 2.02 to 1; for reference, 2.40 to 1 is normal.

When it takes only two bushels of corn to generate as much income as one bushel of beans, farmers are going to plant more corn and less beans and that is what the analysts expect (see chart below). The market is telling us the same thing with the current 2.55 to 1 corn/bean ratio. That means Thursday’s acreage report is very likely going to be more bearish corn and bullish beans.

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