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Tidbits, Yield Reports, Markets & Rain Days Update 9/25/23

Crop Feedback

Jake has a marketing service in Wahpeton, North Dakota. He sent this information Sunday afternoon:

"Hello Roger,

I have received quite a few yield results from my customers. In general, we look for 45 - 50 bushel yields on soybeans as an across the farm average.

Our yields so far have been anywhere from 28 - 48. I would say in general we are 5 bushel lower than most years. We are about 50% done with harvest with just the later beans left.

I am projecting a decrease in projected yields for most of my customers once harvest is completed.

On a side note, the bean plants look like they still have a lot of green stems and leaves, but the beans are ripe and very dry. (8-10% moisture)"

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