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Tidbits, Q&A on Marketing 6/16/24


Received 3 PM Central Wednesday 13 June 2024:

If we are “lucky” enough to have old crop corn and beans, should we roll to August now? Beans inverted, so still roll? Instead of waiting till the end of month or sell and go futures or options. Any news on China weather? Thanks Russ


Good morning, Russ, most merchandisers require July basis contracts to be cashed out or rolled before the close of business on June 27th, the last trading day before first notice day. A lot can happen the last 13 days of June to impact what one should do with basis contracts or grain in the bin. Rolling beans to August or September looks to be the right thing to do later this month. The bean crop is made in August and La Nina is supposed to arrive in July or August, which means hot and dry Corn Belt weather.

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