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Tidbits, Marketing Tools - HTA 3/18/24


President Putin re-elected President of Russia yesterday with 87.3% of the vote.  


The European Union announced yesterday a 7.4 billion euro ($8 billion) aid package for Egypt as concerns mount that economic pressure and conflicts in neighboring countries could drive more migrants to European shores. The aid package includes both grants and loans over the next three years.


Marketing Tools You Need to Use: HTA

Hedge to Arrive Contracts: HTA contracts lock-in the futures price, but not the basis. Since 1989 we have strongly encouraged farmers to separate the day they lock in the futures price from the day they lock in the basis. It does not matter which one is done first. Let the market tell you which one needs to be set first. If you are not already doing this, you are leaving 10 to 40¢ on the table for your merchandiser to collect instead of you on every bushel you ever have or ever will produce.


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