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Tidbits, ENSO, Export Inspections, Markets & Rain Days Update 6/27/23


The nation’s corn crop is rated 50% and the bean crop is rated 51% good or excellent are at their second lowest point for this week in history. Only 1988 was worse.

The market was expecting a 2% decline in the top two categories for corn and beans. Corn lost 5% from the good and excellent categories and beans lost 3%.

Illinois’ corn crop dropped a whopping 8% to just 25% good or excellent; 26% of Illinois’ corn is rated poor or very poor. When was the last time poor corn was more common that the good corn in Illinois?

The local weather station in Peoria, Illinois reports it has had 0.25 of an inch of rain this month. In June 1988, it received 0.60 of an inch and in June 1936, 0.45 of an inch fell. Peoria has a 40% chance of rain Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to close out the month. Thanks, Dave.

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