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Tidbits, Acid Rain, Chinese Grain Prices 6/2/24

Acid Rains

Twenty or so years ago, acid rain, according to the world’s governments and environmentalists, was going to kill us all. Acid rain was acidic because sulfur dioxide (SO2) was washed out of the atmosphere by the rain. The result was ULSD and ocean ship fuel regulations were introduced in 2020, which sharply reduced sulfur dioxide pollution. Ocean freighters burn a huge amount of fossil fuels 247.  


Now, scientists say reduced levels of SO2 may have made the ocean warmer by reducing cloud cover, according to a study in a paper published on Thursday as New Deli, India saw temperatures exceed 50°C (122°F) for the first time ever this past week.  


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations forced shippers to cut their fuel sulfur content to 0.5% from 3.5%, leading to an 80% decline in SO2 emissions.

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