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Highlights, Drought, Russian Wheat, Rain Days Update 7/3/22


A few days ago, a client flew across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois on his way to Iowa. He was shocked how much bare ground he saw in northern Ohio and Indiana, perhaps as much as 35%. Of course, late planted crops have not canopied yet, but there is a considerable number of PP acres and late planted crops in those areas.

Karen Braun is the Ag Reporter for Reuters News Service. Late yesterday afternoon she wrote: I drove through northern Illinois today along IL-47 to Wisconsin. Very dry the whole way, all grass browning. Spiky corn, pretty small soybeans. Some corn fields that would be pretty decent with a good rain. Some corn was very small - calf high or less. Soil is very dusty.

A client drove west from Springfield, Ohio to the Indiana line yesterday. He reported, The crops from Dayton Airport to Indiana look terrible. That would be about 35 miles.

Below are the rainfall totals for the month of June for the locations we track rain days. These accumulated rainfall is according to WeatherBug. Totals are inches (2.54 cm per inch):

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