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Highlights, Crude Oil, Markets & Rain Days Update 9/8/22


Yesterday morning, the USDA announced the sale of:

  • 226,920 mts of old crop (2022 crop) corn to Mexico

  • 30,480 mts of new crop (2023 crop) corn to Mexico

Wheat screamed higher yesterday morning about the time we sent our morning mail. Putin said at that time the grain export deal for Ukraine's wheat to keep millions of people from starving in Africa is not working. Putin said 80 ships have left Ukraines and two of them, only two, went to Africa. All the rest went to oil rich Mideastern countries or the EU. Meanwhile Russian wheat exports are more than 25% less than a year ago. The agreement will expire in November. Will it be renewed? Probably not unless big changes are made to make Putin sleep well at night. World leaders just cannot get it through their heads that Putin, with all his energy and fertilizers, is the man in charge of most of the world's economies and absolutely holds Europe by the throat.

One brighter note, the North Platte (Nebraska) Chamber & Development Corporation has announced its pursuit of a soybean oil crush processing plant to anchor its newly developing industrial rail park. The 300-acre industrial rail park is located eight miles west of North Platte near the Village of Hershey.

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