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Tidbits, Wheat Prices, Natural Gas, Markets & Rain Days Update 8/7/23


The Corn Belt is expected to have above normal rainfall and below normal temperatures the next two weeks. Don't expect soybeans to be higher two weeks from now unless the weather forecast changes.

Moscow's Vnukovo airport temporarily halted all flights Sunday due to a failed drone attack just before noon.

The Chonhar Bridge is a major connection from Crimea to the battle front in Southern Ukraine for Russia to bring in weapons and troops from Crimea. The bridge was heavily damaged Sunday by Ukrainian Storm Shadow long-range missiles.


We will no longer waste your time and ours with blow-by-blow accounts of the war. There are plenty of sources for the war news. The war is escalating rapidly in one of the world’s major corn and wheat producing areas and that is all we need to know.

Here is the link to an interview by the Kyiv Independent with Andrey Sizov, the guru of Black Sea Area Grain Markets:

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