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Tidbits, Rain Days Update 4/23/23


Below to much below normal temperatures will cover the Eastern two-thirds of the USA to May 5th at the least according to the National Weather Service.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned the northern Upper Mississippi River may have the highest flood levels since 2001 because of high snowmelt in the area. At St. Paul, MN, the river reaches flood stage at 14-feet.

As of April 19, the river was expected to crest at 18.4-feet on April 25. The high-water is expected to close lock #3 (near St Paul, MN) through lock #17 (in southern Iowa). The high water is expected to last between 12-15 days. Some locks further south could be closed in early May and stay closed until mid-May. Many barge companies are working with shippers to move freight early to limit their commitments and redirecting empty barges to other markets not affected by the high water.

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