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Tidbits, Israel & Fuel, Market & Rain Days Update 10/9/23


The fighting and atrocities happening in Israel and Gaza the past 48 hours are horrific. Israel will do a massive counter-strike to destroy, after decades of terrorism, the HAMAS organization and its supporters. That means Israel will probably go after Iran because it is a well-known fact Iran backs terrorism and terrorist organizations around the world. Iran produces about 4.5 million barrels of oil per day, so an attack on Iran will disrupt the world's flow of crude oil. Before this fighting is over, Israel’s over-kill will turn many people and governments against Israel.

If you have not priced all your diesel, propane, and natural gas you will use the rest of 2023, get it done today if your retailer has not already jacked prices way up from what they were on Friday. Do not pay an inflated price because it is entirely possible the fear of fuel shortages will move the market more than the confirmation of fuel shortages... and there very well may not be any fuel shortages.

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