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Tidbits, Grain Marketing Tools, Markets & Rain Days Update 7/24/23


This week’s expected extreme heat and what it will do to the corn and bean production will be the market driver for this week. Last evening’s GFS weather model run has very little rain for Iowa over the next 16 days. NOAA says Iowa will get above normal rainfall July 29th to August 2.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported yesterday:

"Tonight, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a group strike with sea and air-based long-range precision weapons at facilities where terrorist acts were being prepared against the Russian Federation using unmanned boats, as well as at places where they were manufactured near the city of Odessa. All the targets planned for the strike were destroyed."

The ministry added that there were foreign mercenaries at the affected sites.

The Mayor of Odessa said yesterday’s strike was the most severe of the war for his city.

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