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Tidbits, El Nino, Corn Situation, Markets & Rain Days Update 11/11/23

Two days ago, Roger reported the US government interest on the national debt was more than a billion dollars a year; Gary caught the error; the annual interest is more than a trillion, which is 1,000 times more than a billion.

Shawn sent us this weather forecast video. The first 5 minutes is an excellent weather forecast for North America presented Thursday and the last 5 minutes is an excellent explanation about the “Super” El Niño and how the “super” adjective is being exaggerated. If you do not have a good handle on what causes an El Niño episode and how it affects world weather, you should watch the last 5 minutes of this video:

Whether this El Niño is “super” or not, what we do know is South America and Australia are having very unusual weather. There is no question Southern Hemisphere crops will be substantially reduced. Australia’s wheat harvest began this month and it is expected to be about half of last year’s wheat crop.



President of Central States Commodities, Inc., Jason Britt did the math of this week’s export sales compared to the weekly average needed to meet the USDA’s export projection for the marketing year:

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