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Tidbits, Crush Numbers, Weather 3/2/24


The USDA reported the total crush numbers for January yesterday at 2 PM Central Time.


The US processors crushed 195 mil bu of soybeans, ~4 mil more bushels than January a year ago.


Canola crush was 203,989 tons in January 2024, slightly less than the 204,340 tons a year ago.


Cottonseed once refined oil production, at 25.3 million pounds, was down 32% from a year ago.


Soybean meal inventory at the end of the months of January 2023 was 397,638 tons; at the end of December 2023, 451,979 tons, and at the end of January 2024, just 307,587 tons. Crushed more beans and had a lot less meal inventory. If you grow beans, that is good news.

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