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Tidbits, Corn Futures, Grain Transportation, Crop Budgets 2/25/24


In an interview Friday, NATO’s chief has given Ukraine permission to strike targets inside of Russia with soon-to-be-delivered F-16 jets. 


In his Tucker Carlson interview, Vladimir Putin warned that if US-made F-16 jets strike Russia, Ukraine may no longer be Russia’s only target.



Jason Britt of Central State Commodities did the math for us on weekly export sales:

  • Soybean sales 2.1 mil bu.; needed each week to meet USDA estimate, 8.4 mb.

  • Corn sales 32.3 mil bu.; needed 19.1 

  • Wheat sales 8.6 mil bu.; needed 3.5  


Jason also stated on Thursday:

"Capitulation and hopelessness seems to have set in. Western Farm Show is this weekend and usually coincides with a low in the market (we have done it for over 20 years)"


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