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Highlights, Argentina, Markets & Rain Days Update 1/2/23


As predicted, a cold front from the Pacific collided with a warm air mass east of the Andes Mountains in Argentina this weekend. It generated storms and rain over a large part of the central crop area of Argentina yesterday. The following locations are in northern Argentina. The amount of rain each received on New Year’s Day is stated in mm (25.4 mm = 1 inch):

  • Berrotaran 52 mm

  • Paso Cabral 52 mm

  • Río de los Sauces 56 mm

  • Lutti 53 mm

  • La Cruz 47 mm

  • Los Condores 50 mm

  • Almafuerte 42 mm

  • Rio 23 mm

  • Tancacha 31 mm

  • Las Peñas Sud 30 mm

  • Las Gamas 35 mm

  • Elena 54 mm

  • Gigena 34 mm

  • Deheza 27 mm

  • Rio 48 mm

This map is further south with rainfall amounts in inches.

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