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Tidbits, Grain Corridor, Markets & Rain Days Update 11/2/22


Yesterday morning, it was reported that Putin said the grain corridor deal was "back on". A few hours later, the Russian Ag Minister said "no guarantee" of safe passage. About that time, reports of the Russians fired at civilian tugboats transporting barges with Ukrainian grain near Ochakiv, Ukraine. Two crew members were killed, one with injuries was rescued and a fourth is missing.

There were half a dozen public exchanges yesterday about grain corridor deal being on and then off. The last two comments we have seen:

Amir Abdullah, UN coordinator for the Black Sea Grain Initiative, announced that the movement of ships with food will resume on Thursday.
The United Nations called a halt to ships moving through Ukraine’s crop-export corridor.

Argentina is expected to announce some of their contracted wheat exports will be delayed for one year due to dry weather and frost.

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