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Tech Guy's Opening Calls 03/03/2022

May Wheat up 11 to 15 May Corn 2 lower to 3 higher May Beans 1 lower to 3 higher Levels of: Support and Resistance Wheat $9.58, then $9.31; $11.32 Corn $7.15 to $7.10; $7.60, $7.76 Soybeans $16.50 to $16.40; $16.97, $17.59 CBOT wheat will continue to have very volatile swings as it continues a historic run. It has taken out the $9.47 high of 2012. Now on to the all-time high of $13.34 of February 2008. That is when Spring Wheat hit $25.00. Corn and soybeans look to be higher the remainder of this week after today's pause. The lows on Wednesday should hold this market give or take 5 to 10 cents; otherwise, last Friday's lows could be tested yet this week. This market is challenging all of us. Stay as calm as possible. When you are scared, buy puts.


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