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Tech Guy Additional Chart 1/1/23

I meant to also show you the Soybean Daily Continuation chart. The last time I published this chart was last Wednesday evening. It is the one with the big gap when July 22 beans rolled to Nov 22 beans on June 30th 2022 on the continuation chart.

The high on June 30th (1507.75) coincides with the top of the ascending triangle also on the March bean chart. It sure looks like a convincing breakout to me. Anything can happen, but if we have a lower opening on Tuesday, 1508 should be good support.

The up move is methodical (stairstepping) not like a flash in the pan...when price attempted to reverse, the funds bought it back up 3 days in a row and it spent 4 days working up above 1507.75.

You should compare this chart with yesterday's March Bean chart. The price bars are similar after mid-June on the bottom axis - here's the bean continuation. There are no price bars on the left between 1507.75 and 1581 - for 73.25 cents (Big gap to be filled). See how it strikes you.

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