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Big Picture Yield Assessment as of 1 October 2021

Jeff Worster is part of a grain marketing and risk management group with clients in 15 states across the Corn Belt and beyond. We share information and ideas. Jeff sent me this information this morning and he said I could share it you:

Good morning, Roger,

This what I am hearing across the country about yields across our customer base:

Soybeans: big yields in general, a couple small areas that were affected by the June/July dryness, but all in all, we believe the yield is definitely there to meet or beat the USDA projection of 50.6.

Corn: is all over the place, but I would say it is generally pretty disappointing. Central Illinois is much lower because of tar spot. Anything that got two shots of fungicide is fine but one shot is disappointing and no fungicide is very disappointing. There is substantial crown rot as well. Still to be determined in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. Iowa and Missouri seem average with Central Iowa being a little disappointing. I'd call Illinois around 200-205 bpa vs. USDA 214 bpa.

Ohio seems to be all over the place for our clients.

By the way, I love the website, you did a very nice job!



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