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Tidbits, Corn Price, Markets & Rain Days Update 10/17/22


Negotiations have begun in Moscow to extend the Ukraine export grain deal between Russia and UN representatives. Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Martin Griffiths is leading the UN delegation, a heavy weight in the UN hierarchy. There will be no press releases about when the negotiation sessions will be held or what was discussed until the end. We expect someone will not be able to keep his mount shut and whip lash the corn and wheat markets.



Yield report from West Central Indiana:

Had a decent SB crop (58-60 BPA here) and looking for 185 bushel corn based on the 150 harvested acres of 1000 total corn acres.

China issued a decree urging its citizens to leave Ukraine and surrounding areas immediately. They know something we do not know.

The Ukraine export “corridor” deal expires November 19th. So far, 345 ships have left Ukraine with 7,689,050 mt shipped and 193 ships have delivered 3,957,083 mt.

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