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How to Capture Price Gains After Contracted Too Early

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Good morning, Roger,

When you make recommendations to sell July 22 wheat $6.60 or higher are you recommending a 10% sale or are you leaving that to the farmer to decide? I just wasn’t sure if you kept track of percentages sold or not?

Also, I for one try to be an active marketer and forward sell into profitable prices. On a year like this I obviously sold much too early. I would really like to try to make a few $ in this market to prevent me from feeling like I completely messed up this year! Last week you sent an email that (I believe) suggested if you’re a forward seller keep forward selling. I am a young farmer so always looking for the reassurance.

Thank you for your time, Oscar.


Of course, the percentage of the expected crop to price is all your choice.


I am a 100% guy. If the market outlook justifies pricing one bushel, it justifies pricing all of it, but one must use the proper market tools to price 100% of crop before one knows if he will have a normal yield.


Here is how I want you to price 100% of your production...

How to Capture Price Gains After Contracted Too Early

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