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Weekly Summary & Recommendations 01/26/2022

Corn Situation After the Close Tuesday, January 25th, 2022:

March Corn Settled Yesterday at $6.20

Price Change Tuesday to Tuesday: up 20¾ cents

19-month high $6.40½ May 7, 2021

19-month low $3.67 June 26, 2020

19-month range is $2.73½

Yesterday’s closing price is:

20¼ cents below the 19-month high

$2.53¼ above the 19-month low

USDA's 2020 crop carryout in terms of days’ use: US: 30, world: 94

USDA's 2021 crop carryout in terms of days’ use: US: 38, world: 92

Seasonal Trend is Up

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