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Ukrainian Grain, Broilers & Ethanol, Markets & Rain Days Update 5/26/22


Yesterday, news began to leak that Russia might be willing or was willing or already had informed the United Nations negotiators that Russia was ready to let Ukrainian grain leave by ship into the world market. One rumor is Russia was only going to allow grain from southeastern Ukraine ports where Russia has already captured the port cities with a 2 nautical mile wide corridor through the Azov Sea for grain vessels. Other rumors were Russia wants to open the huge grain ports of southwestern Ukraine (Odessa) to stop the world condemnation of Russia starving the world’s children. More than that, Russia wants to eliminate the Russian caused starvation excuse that the US and EU are using to whip-up public support to enter the war against Russia.

About 2 PM central Time, Ukrainian export company MaxiGrain’s business development manager, Elena Neroba, reported:

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the opening of 2 maritime corridors for exit of vessels from ports on Black and Azov Seas daily 8:00-19:00 Moscow time with length of 80 miles/width of 3 miles in Azov to exit port Mariupol with length of 115 miles/width of 2 miles in of Black Sea.

Note that a ship leaving Southeast Ukraine has to cross the Azov Sea before reaching the Black Sea and then the world through the Mediterranean Sea.

Elena’s statement is not clear: Is there one corridor in the Azov Sea that connects to the corridor in the Black Sea (really, just one corridor) or does the Black Sea Corridor open the Port of Odessa?

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