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Tidbits, Wheat, Economy, Markets & Rain Days Update 4/15/24

Wheat Market Comments

We have often quoted Kevin Duling, a market advisor and wheat producer from Maupin, Oregon, who has the best perspective of the US wheat markets and probably the best perspective for the world wheat market. He would welcome your questions and information about his service at Oregon (kdinvestors at, 541 980 4554). Here is information he sent his clients after Thursday’s USDA reports (spelling retained): 


Annual sales timing history:


I went through the last 20 years to give you the month(s) the marketing year highs were made. Farmers are reactive. If something worked last year, we will do it again. If something did not work last year, we are never going to do that again. It is simple human nature.


Here is month the high was made in wheat to keep the facts straight instead of the mental paradigm you might be developing:

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