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Tidbits, Weather, Markets & Rain Days Update 5/24/23


Tom Skilling is chief meteorologist at WGN-TV (Chicago). He has been doing WGN weather for 45 years. Back in the day when the CBOT trading was done on the floor of the exchange building with about 4,500 people buying and selling commodities, there were TV sets for everybody to see. When Tom Skilling gave his mid-day weather update at 12:30 PM Central time on WGN, the floor went dead silent as soon as Tom’s face came on the TV screen and it stayed dead quiet until he was done.

Dave is one of our northeast Illinois clients who shared Tom’s comment yesterday that this month is the driest month in Chicago’s history. That is interesting and concerning, but the Corn Belt’s corn crop is made in July and the bean crop is made in August and dry weather between now and July will get the corn and beans rooted down as long as they do not die. Deep roots are always good for yields, but, of course, it has to rain someday because deep roots alone will not make a crop..

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