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Tidbits, Weather, Export News, Crude Oil 6/5/24


Rain moved across ND and SD yesterday and delivered heavy rain and storms to already waterlogged Minnesota, where flooding is being reported along major rivers. The Mississippi River in St Paul is expected to reach minor flood stage in the next couple days.


The heat wave in drought-stricken Mexico will move north in a few days to bring dangerously high temperatures from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest this week. Temperatures are expected to reach triple digits (38°C) in several areas. The extreme heat is being driven by a heat dome, a high-pressure system trapping hot air in place while preventing precipitation. Temperatures in California could reach up to 20 degrees above normal in many areas. Phoenix and Las Vegas could both hit 110°F (43.3°C) for the first time this year by Thursday. 


North American weather usually moves west to east. The National Weather Service predicts below normal rainfall for most of the Corn Belt June 9th to the 17th with below normal temperatures.  

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