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Tidbits, Seasonal Trends & Marketing Plan, Rain Days Update 11/26/23


Three major Greek shipping firms have stopped transporting Russian crude oil in recent weeks to avoid US sanctions being imposed on some shipping firms carrying Russian oil.


Russia has banned exports of hard (bread) wheat for 6 months, beginning 1 December.


Below are this past week’s export sales and the average needed to meet the USDA projections:

  • Corn export sales 56.4 mil bu, need 27.3 mil

  • Soybean export sales 35.3 mil bu, need 15.9 mil

  • Wheat export sales 6.3 mil bu, need 6.8 mil

Thanks to Jason Britt, President of Central States Commodities for doing the math.


China’s custom inspection records show China imported in October 4.81 mil. mt of soybeans from Brazil and 230,000 mts from the USA. Total October 2023 soybean imports were 25% more than October 2022.

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