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Tidbits, Rain Days Update 6/11/23


Kory Melby’s comments on Brazil’s safrinha corn crop:

"Early yields are fantastic in Mato Grosso, 150-180 sacs on early fields, however I am hearing reports of rotten corn with VIPTERA 3 trait. Issues with insect and rust protection. LG and Dekalb varieties are highly susceptible."

The UN announced yesterday it failed to convince the EU to reconnect Russia’s Rosselkhozbank to SWIFT (the international money transfer service). Negotiations in Geneva ended on Friday with no indication the EU will ever agree to allow any bank in Russia to be reconnected to SWIFT as long the war continues. Russia claims it will not renew the grain corridor deal on July 18th if the SWIFT reconnection for Rosselkhozbank does not happen.

Ukraine's military is definitely on the move in Southern Ukraine. The war continues to escalate.

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