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Tidbits, Put Options, Export Inspections, BC Vote, Markets & Rain Days Update 04/26/2022


Yesterday morning, the USDA announced the sale of:

66,000 mts of old crop soybeans to China

264,000 mts of new crop soybeans to China

Last Thursday, the USDA reported 34.6 million bushel of corn left the US the previous week. Corn exports need to average 12.3 million bushel a week to meet USDA export projections for the marketing year.

Two flocks are infected with the highly pathogenic H7N3 bird flu virus in the Mexican state of Coahuila, on Texas border.

India’s first shipment of wheat to Egypt will be 55,000 mt. The ship will arrive at the loading port of Kandla, India on Friday.

France’s Economy Minister said the EU will impose a full embargo on Russian oil within weeks. We suppose that means crude oil and natural gas.

Yesterday afternoon, Russian oil trader Rosneft was unable to sell 6.5 million tons of crude oil because it demanded a full payment in rubles.

After meeting with Ukraine's president in a closed door and highly secret meeting Sunday afternoon, US Secretaries of Defense and State met Monday with NATO leaders with very limited press coverage. The first press comment about the two Biden Cabinet members with NATO was they told NATO that Russia must be disarmed. That piece of news was quickly squashed.

Editorial comment: The Biden Administration encouraged the war between Russia and Ukraine then rallied Western Europe to send aid to Ukraine to keep it in the war against a superior military force and now, the stage is being set (we are being groomed, brain-washed by the Administration's lap dog, the mainstream media) for the American public to approve US military intervention in the name of defending NATO. The oldest political stunt in the "book" is for a nation's leader to find a way to go to war when his domestic approval rating is going down the toilet and/or he has legal problems. Joe Biden has both.

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