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Tidbits, Markets & Rain Days Update 11/28/22


Protests at China Embassies are happening around the world this morning.

Andrey Sizov’s comments on the China situation:

"My information bubble really wants to believe that unrest in China is bullish commodities because now "authorities have to get rid of their zero-covid policy"

  1. We don't know how big is unrest, media talks about "thousands" on streets and it's 1.4 bln country.

  2. It's a regime ruled by a communist party which recently has become more authoritarian...don't expect them to act like western politicians. Let me doubt that Xi will suddenly change his approach because of some people on the streets. Remember huge HK unrest by the way?

  3. I'll suggest to wait & listen to experts on China like @AlexGabuev; But calling this "bullish commodities" at this stage looks like just a wishful thinking."

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